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Manual installation

Adding eCut command bar to CorelDRAW workspace

Video tutor about installing eCut6

Manual installation eCut 6 for Corel Draw.

Use this instruction is you can not see video tutor.

Copy macros file

If installer found your CorelDRAW version, skip this stage and go to Importing eCut toolbar in CorelDRAW.

But if your CorelDRAW version is not checked, then you have to copy GMS file manually.
GMS (macros) file for launching eCut 6 is located int this folder:C:\eCut\eCut6\CorelDRAW GMS
CorelDRAW setup folder you have to find out from your system administrator, and after that copy eCut GMS file to this folder:{CorelDRAW}\Draw\GMS
Or, for Windows Vista - 10 : C:\Users\Your Name\AppData\Roaming\Corel\Your CorelDRAW version\Draw\GMS

Importing eCut toolbar in CorelDRAW

To import eCut toolbar to CorelDRAW workspace you have to do this simple steps:

Open Tools/Customization

Select Workspace

Press Import

In new window select Browsу

In Open Dialog you have to open CorelDRAW toolbar.
All eCut toolbars are in this folder: C:\eCut\eCut6\CorelDRAW Toolbar

Each CorelDRAW version has own toolbar - select folder, that contains your toolbar version.

There are few languages available: RUS(russian) and ENG(english)

After you select toolbar file, press Next

Next again

Again Next

And Finish

Now press OK and save all changes

To show eCut toolbar you have to do last thing: click right mouse button on emty space in CorelDRAW toolbar area (see image)

And in PopUp menu find eCut 6 and click on it.

Here it is!

If you did everything as shown - you'll get it, but if you can not see eCut 6 in toolbars, start over again this tutor.

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