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What is VBA? Do I have it?

Do I have VBA?

VBA - Visual Basic for Applications. It is nessesary for launching macroses for CorelDRAW. Usually it is installing with CorelDRAW. But some versions of CorelDRAW has no VBA, and this versions can no launch my plugins. To find out if you have VBA support you have to launch Macros Editor. If it will start - then you have VBA, if CorelDRAW show you error or menu items will be disabled, then you have no VBA support. So, to open Macros Editor click: TOOLS -> MACROS -> MACROS EDITOR

If you'll see this Editor window, then everything is OK, and you'll be able to use my plugins.

And if you'll get error, or menu items are disables - then you have no VBA, and I suggest you to contact CorelDRAW support to solve this problem.


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