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DXF Export

DXF export function for exporting shapes to ACAD format using ARCS and POLYLINES


Новая, и достаточно мощная функция. Позволяет экспортировать объекты с использованием разного набора команд, таких как стандартный набор DXF (R11,R12) а так же классический HPGL с добавлением дуг (AR - команда).

Some words about main parameters:
Commands - set of commands in which to export objects (DXF or HPGL).
Align - allows you to shift the starting point coordinates in the exported file in relation to the lower left corner of the selected objects.
Lines+ARCs / Lines only - use to export shapes with ARCs or only polylines.
ARC fitting tolerance - as is.
LINE fitting tolerance - as is.
Show simulation - show result after processing.
Export units - MM and Inches are available.

Using this link you can download example of DXF exporting.

All functions:

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