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Added a new function in CAD tools - Numbering
Allows you to quickly number objects (for convenience or later installation)
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+ minor improvements.



Added block grouping in Mupltiply function
Windows of some functions in the plugin now remember their size and position
In Variables you can rotate bar codes by 90 degrees
Alignment can distribute objects to a given length



CorelDRAW 2024 is supported
Little fixed.



Multiply: can multiply objects of complex shapes in a checkerboard order
Replacet: Can handle multiple objects
Eyelets: chess order wind holes
Create objects: you can generate circles from a table
Nesting: shows block and nested shapes count



Multiply: can now fill voids
Align: Now sorts objects by position or selection
Eyelets: added rectangular eyelet
Variables: corrected QR code
Sandwich grouping: can combine

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