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New function to change finger siae in finger-joint boxes
Finger joint change size



Minor tweaks and improvements.



New SCRIPTS function
Designed to generate relatively simple curves that can be described by parameters (width, height, etc.). For example, for templates of cardboard boxes and packaging.

The G-code generator can now generate curves in 2D, as well as the ability to initialize and finalize the machine with your own commands.

Also some minor tweaks and improvements.



Little fixes in few functions.

Fixed nestion search timer+count
Eyelets feature can show total count of eyelets and create wind holes.
Deutsch language updated.



New version of the plugin. From the new - an updated nesting, an updated eyelet builder, an updated edge roll feature.
New G-code generator function. New calculator for liquid acrylic.
CorelDRAW 2022 support.

Updates - now plugin can update itself when new version is available.

True shape nesting

The most important innovation in the 7th version of the plugin. Now it is possible to independently place objects when nesting. It is enough to select an object, place it on the sheet as you need, and the plugin will leave it in the place where you placed it when nesting. Also multiple containers, and improved search for the best result.


The eyelet placement function has also been updated. Now you can place eyelets along complex objects, not just rectangles. Plus various methods of arranging the eyelets themselves along the objects.

G codes

New feature. The generator allows you to create control commands for CNC machines.

Liquid acrylic

Also a new feature. It is a calculator for calculating the required amount of liquid acrylic for the manufacture of signs using this technology.

Edge roll

Updated function for generating edge roll of volumetric letters. Now all methods are collected in one window, plus some methods have been updated.

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